Who am I

Hi, my name is Santiago Regueiro and I am a Technical Engineer in Business Computing Systems from Pontevedra.

I’m currently working as CTO at Qbitia, a spanish company specialized in financial software. Right now we are building Qcaid, a program for designing, testing and executing automated trading strategies.

At work I mainly code in Java. During my time at Qbitia I have developed a market simulator, historical and real time data feeds, quote aggregation systems and complex user interfaces. I’m interested in software architecture, the development process and team management, and like to read technical books on the matter. I also experiment from time to time with functional languages like Groovy and Elixir or game development with Unreal Engine 4 and Maya.

On my free time I like watching Tarantino or David Lynch movies, reading Philip K. Dick and Douglas Adams, or listening to Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails music. The rest of the time I try to play some games, go out with my friends and practice mountain biking when the weather allows it.

You can check out my resume or see some small side proyects at Github. Drop me an email or go to my contact page if you want to talk some more.